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South Florida Saturnia Cleaning, Polishing, Restoration, Color Enhancing

Classic Saturnia Restoration has various services to help your Saturnia look like new! At Classic Marble Restoration, we provide restoration and cleaning services for all stones, including Saturnia. Our saturnia repair can include hole repairs, crack repairs, grout repairs, polishing and cleaning.

For over 20 years Classic Marble has been the trusted source for saturnia repair and restoration. Since saturnia is very porous, it is easily stained and blemmished. There is a high level of care associated with saturnia and larger stain or damaged areas may require the help of a qualified saturnia restoration company, like Classic Marble Restoration.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we pride ourselves as being one of the best marble restoration companies, nationwide! We are easily accessible eaither via phone or email and we always keep an open line of communication. Our work ethic and marble cleaning and restoration services are second to none in the Miami and South Florida are.

Give us a call today and see why we're the best marble restoration company in Miami.


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Broward County (954) 578-3600 | Palm Beach County (561) 793-5757 | Toll Free (866) 578-3600 | Fax (954) 382-9579 | Miami (305) 774-9806

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